i am giving this blog a burial it deserve for 2010. so long.. eventhough it is not yet the end of this last month. so much to do.. so much to worry about. shitty things.

i wont write in here anymore. bye bye blog.

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but maybe i will exist somewhere in the universe.........

Lost and Found

It has been awhile... :
I don't have internet access.. :
I've got things that are occupying my time. :

Arson Attack on Gudang Noisy!

From GUDANG NOISY BLOG - 28 July 2010 – Arson attack on Gudang Noisy! At 2 a.m smoke filled Noisy causing alarm to one of the people inside. We panicked and rushed infront with buckets of water to put out the fire that was burning at the entrance door. We suspect that kerosene was used to burn the plastic chair which was placed at the door and that it was definitely due to the recent incitement of racism in the local underground music scene here in Malaysia. The fire had burned most of the written statement on the entrance wall which reads No Racism, No Sexism, No Homophobia, No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Violence. One passerby who had witnessed the attack approached us after we put out the fire, divulging information on the attacker’s description. We now know that they sped off in a car which the license plat number has been obtained by the witness. This is a serious threat to the security of Gudang Noisy. They are sending a message that racism is still alive and burning. This was retaliation. We call for solidarity from friends from all over the world!

Dumpster Divers Unite!

Yesterday I was determined to fill my day with labor intense tasks. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon I've accomplished so much. It really helped that the night before going to bed, I've listed down the things I wanted to do. I made lists for almost everything before this but after reading Doris #15 which I recently got from Noly and Shah distro, I felt a fond feeling that I was on the "right" track. Having control over my own life. Not letting anything slip away with so much time on my hands. These few weeks, I was kind of in a honeymoon period because of this new found love. Being alone jolted my inner conscious to get on/over with this mushy limping feelings we let seep in our subconcious when being in a relationship. Relationship empowers when the foundation is strong. Sometimes we just got to be apart to realise that we're drunk in our own potion of love. We need to quickly snap out of it but not being a robot and let emotions aside whenever the moments comes.

Getting out of bed this morning was really a pain but 30 minutes after the alarm clock was hit to snooze a couple of time, I sat down while still not wanting to wake up. I thought to myself, if I wasn't going to follow my own plans of the day which is not to serve anyone and go to work for someone else but myself, I would feel horrible and failed. So I jumped out of bed. Sore neck. Sleepy.

Whenever I'm home, I don't shower when not neccessary. So instead, I wrote on my list that I will wash my clothes the first thing upon rising. Part of it maybe to be in contact with water. To allow my body to be alert. I soon realise that washing towels manually using these bare hands is damn hard and tiring! It took alot of strength to squeez the water out of these fabric. They are etremely heavy when soaked. I was showering with my own sweat. It was awesome.


Last week, me and Arip went to the local wet market behind Noisy to scout for vegetables in the dumpster. We made a mistake and came too early about 10 a.m where the vegetables were still on sale and not many were discarded. So we went back and waited. At about 12.30 noon we came back but the garbage truck had taken away the discarded vegetables. We only managed to find the last stack of vegetables wrapped in plastic bags which the last vegetable stall discarded. A fellow scavenger, an old Chinese auntie in her 50s who was also at the dumpster site, tipped us off that the best time to come and dumpster dive is at 11a.m before the garbage truck takes them.

So out with another attempt! Yesterday I had gone to the market at about 11.30a.m to try my luck but the garbage truck was already there. I cycled around the market to find the remaining vegetable stalls that were not yet closed and found a nice Chinese aunty with still loads of vegetables on her table. I bought some chillies, ginger, and petai so that I could communicate with her. I asked about the vegetables on the ground of her stall whether they were going to be thrown away. Suprisingly, she said some of the unsellable vegetables will be sold to restaurants with cheap prices. In my head I thought, owh! the might been thrown away vegetables are served in possibly posh restaurants where posh people dine not knowing that their vegetables are the same quality (near dumpstered vegetables) as our free food we gave to the homefree and poor people. heh~ or maybe she sold it to normal mamak restaurant kot.

Anyway, I told her of our plan to set up a free food distribution chapter in this vicinity. We need loads of free vegetables. Then she said sometimes she gave her leftover vegetables to someone living nearby too. She generously gave away her vegetables and totally support the idea of free food. Now we got loads of tomatoes, lady's fingers, cucumbers, long beans, some chillies. Enough to feed easily 30 people or more. The bag was so heavy that I had to send back my bicycle and come back to carry it by foot to Noisy.

I made tomato paste/sauce for pasta out of these tomatoes. I'm calling people to come and eat with me. We just need people to bring spaghetti or the like so that we can eat it with the vegan bolognese tomato sauce. Maybe (if can) also any ingredients (of non animal please) we can put in the sauce as extra lauk (i.e oregano, mockmeat etc). While we're enjoying the delicious food, we can also discuss on how we can cook together next time and distribute food on the street. We can bring our party outside!

I've just got an sms from Ekin inviting me to do some scavenging / hijacking? one night market. I'm bringing the food there so we can eat together.. (^_^)

Window Farming

Today I've been doing research on how to kick start a garden at Noisy nanti, and I found this. Gila awesome! Here's some info about the benefits. Next project!!

Teen shooting: Two sides of the same story

MalaysiaKini - The statement by Azamuddin Omar, who was in the car driven by Aminulrasyid Amzah when he was shot dead by police on April 26, has put into dispute the police version of what had transpired.

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar (left), who told reporters the police side of the story, has described the boy's move to speak to the media as "unethical".

Likewise, the inspector-general of Police Musa Hassan has also deemed it inappropriate.

Malaysiakini compared the police's immediate statement on the day of the shooting with that of several witnesses, including 15-year-old Azamuddin's.


Police version: Khalid told Utusan Malaysia that two police officers spotted a "suspicious" Proton Iswara at Section 14 of Shah Alam.

He said that the driver of the car ignored the police signal to stop, and sped off instead, upon which the officers gave chase, with the assistance of two other officers in another patrol car.

New Straits Times reported that the police managed to corner the car after beating several red lights.

The panel headed by Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop yesterday traced back what they claimed to be a 6km car chase from Section 7 to Section 11.

Witness version: At the press conference Azamuddin claimed that they were on the way to restaurant Ali Corner in Section 7 Shah Alam to help a friend whose motorcycle had a flat tyre.

"But on the way they grazed another car, causing Aminulrasyid to panic. He wanted to go back to Section 11 (where the boy lived)," he said.

He added that a few men on motorcycles, presumably friends of the owner of the car they grazed, pursued them.

In his police report lodged the night after the incident, the witness said that one of the motorcyclists attempted to overtake the car near Bulatan Kayangan at Section 12 (see map).

Instead the motorcyclist knocked the back of the Iswara and fell off his machine.

"Aminulrasyid grew more frightened and sped up without caring about our own or the public's safety," he said in the report.

He told reporters that they had "gone around in circles" during the chase.


Police: "When we arrived at the scene of the incident the officers fired at the tyres to force the car to stop. The car then crashed onto the side of the road," Khalid said.

He added that only one officer opened fire and only four shots were discharged, one of which hit Aminulrasyid on the head.

Witness: Yesterday, the police called Azamuddin (right) for the third time and asked him to confirm if the last shot was fired before or after the crash.

"The police pursued us until the Caltex petrol station and started firing," Azamuddin said.

The teenager added that they managed to shoot the tyres of the car at the corner of Jalan Tarian and Jalan Wau, some 500 metres from the deceased's home, causing the vehicle to swerve uncontrollably.

One of the bullets fired hit the 14-year-old driver's head.

"His body fell onto my lap but his foot was still on the accelerator so the car continued to move and we crashed into a wall," he said, causing police to continue shooting.

However, in his police report the Form Three student said: "The last shot I heard hit Aminulrasyid (left) in the head... and I saw there was a hole oozing blood at the back of his head."

When asked by police yesterday, Azamuddin said that the last shot was fired when the car was still moving.

The New Straits Times reported that a source familiar with the case 20 shots were fired but only about 10 bullet casings were found along the alleged 6km chase, with most hitting the bottom of the car.


Police: "After the crash, (Aminulrasyid)'s friend opened the door of the car and ran off while chased by two patrol officers," said Khalid, of the incident which took place around at 2am.

The other two officers proceeded to inspect the condition of the driver when he attempted to reverse onto them.

"Caught by surprise by the suspect's move to defend himself, the police officers shot in his direction," he told Utusan Malaysia.

Witness: Azamuddin told the Aminulrasyid's family lawyer Karpal Singh that he had climbed out of the back passenger window to surrender after the crash, which took place about 200 metres from Aminulrasyid's home.

"The window was shattered from the crash," he told Karpal, adding that at that point the officers had trained their firearms on him.

"One of them kicked me in the head and they started beating me up," he said, adding that there were about five or six officers involved.

He, however, managed to break free in the struggle and ran in the direction of his home, passing through his school.

Eyewitness Zafrullah Ahmad Zainal Abidin in his police report said: "I rushed out of the house and saw someone running in the opposite direction (from the car crash site) and the police were shouting for the person to stop. I saw two or three policemen in uniform with one holding a gun.

"Then, I saw one of the police cars making a U-turn to pursue the person who was (fleeing) the scene. After that, five or six more police cars arrived and cordoned off the scene," he added.


Police: Khalid told the New Straits Times that the officers found a long parang in the car, believed to have been used in robberies.

Initial reports of the shooting by the Star also noted that the boy was believed to be a part of a robbery gang.

Witness: In his statement to the police on Sunday, Azamuddin claimed that there was no parang in the car.

The owner of the car, Aminulrasyid's sister Tuty Shaninza Anon Amzah and the boy's brother-in-law, Muzafar Mahali also said that no parang was kept in the family car.

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